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E-Learning Platforms & Reskilling

Unlike traditional methods of learning, E-Learning platforms offer flexibility, personalisation and encourage the notion of “continuous learning”.

If you are looking for ways to create exciting learning experiences that motivate trainees to come back for more, then E-Learning platforms for employee training are essential.

L&D (Learning & Development) teams are constantly looking for approaches that will help trainees to have continuous access to education and to effectively apply the acquired knowledge in their work, to perform better.

E-Learning platforms are electronic portals that offer a variety of resources and educational opportunities to those who use them.

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A variety of learning resources

They offer a variety of learning resources that could include:

  • Bite-sized online lessons
  • Instructor Led Training – ILT
  • Training aids
  • Work aids
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Multi-device support

They are designed to support multiple devices, allowing people to access their educational material on the go and on all devices:

  • Desktop/laptop computers
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
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However, E-Learning Platforms are not just a repository of knowledge. Unlike an intranet, there is a very different approach to employee training:

  • They are human-central.
  • They use a combination of strategic learning approaches such as Microlearning, Gamification and Video Learning.
  • They also contain narratives/themes to create a learning path or learning journey.
  • They include recommended learning paths (which are often personalised).
  • They are designed to focus on a specific aspect of learning.
  • They work with the principle of “attraction” of students from the curriculum and not with the “alienation” associated with traditional LMS.

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